Call for submissions!

Since one of my aims in starting this blog was to connect with other fans my age, one thing I’d like to start doing is to share and showcase fan-works by older fans – ideally, a weekly or fortnightly post with links to content, to show that Fans Of A Certain Age are still active creators and that there is still space for us in fandom.

What do you mean by ‘fan-works’?

Fanfiction, fan-art, geek crafts, essays, cosplay photography and tutorials, podcasts or vlogs. Any fandom will be considered, as long as the creator is 30+ and willing to let me post links to their work. The only restriction is that I won’t include work which is in any way discriminatory (sexist, racist, anti-LGBTQIA), work which features depictions of underage sex or incest, or work which is insulting towards other fans (depending on submissions, I may choose to amend these restrictions).

My aim is positivity and inclusivity – celebrating the works of fans old enough to remember the days of Geocities and Yahoo groups and Livejournal. I don’t mean to say ‘no kids allowed’ – think of it more like opening the fandom version of a pub, where adult fans can meet for a quiet drink and reminisce, without the background noise of a trendy nightclub or the confusing menu options in Starbucks.

I’m in! How do I submit?

Use the ‘contact’ page here to send me a link to the work. If you’re the creator, consider adding a little bit of info about yourself – how long you’ve been active in fandom, your earliest fandom memories, how you feel about fandom now, that sort of thing. If you’re linking to someone else’s work, please say so, and I can contact the creator to check that they’re willing to let me link to their work.

Alternatively, find me on tumblr @fanofacertainage or on Twitter @oldanimefan (@fanofacertainage was one letter too long for Twitter, dammit!).

How long it will take to get the first post up depends on how many people respond. I’d like to make this a regular thing, because I know there are tons of fans like me still creating and starting to wonder if fandom is still for them.

You can help by sharing this post on your own social media. Feel free to ask me questions about this little project too.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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