Ceci n’est pas une post

No real update today, since (a) I have been ill all week and my brain has finally turned to mush, and (b) I’ve been simultaneously planning two posts for tomorrow, either proclaiming that I am finally too old for fandom and I am logging out of AO3 forever, or proudly announcing that I will never give up fandom because it’s the only place I can find any kind of validation. All depends on how my birthday turns out tomorrow (after a lot of bad birthdays I don’t get my hopes up anymore, but there are still new ways that life can disappoint me).

But I am here to remind you that I am looking to share and showcase fandom contributions by other Fans Of A Certain Age. If you’re old enough to remember the days of the Livejournal Strikethrough, or if your first fanfiction was hosted on GeoCities, and you survived to keep creating, get in touch! I want to promote fic, art, photography and crafts of a fannish nature to show that there is still space in fandom for older fans.

Even if that doesn’t apply to you, please help me get word out to other fans. I’d love to be able to connect with other fans who’ve been around as long as I have and who are still writing, drawing, crafting and making fan content.

Tweet it, re-blog it, talk about it. And talk to me!

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