I aten’t dead

Well. That was…unexpected.

Apologies for the unannounced gap in posting. It certainly wasn’t planned. Long story short, I’ve had a bit of upheaval in my personal life which, coupled with taking part in NaNoWriMo, meant I went several weeks without posting before I even realised it.

I don’t want to abandon this blog. I’ve been enjoying it, and it’s helped me get back into regular writing in the past year. But at present I can’t lay down a definite plan for blogging in 2020 – I’m currently job-hunting and considering moving to a new city, which means limiting the amount of time I can write for fun.

If I’m aiming for anything with the blog right now, it’s no more than one post a week, with an emphasis on fandom-focused essays rather than specific reviews or anything more personal like my Reading Round-Up posts. I do need to get back into the habit of reading other blogs and interacting with fans, particularly if I do end up moving somewhere new.

The past few months haven’t been all doom and gloom – I’ve watched a lot of good anime, read a surprising amount of manga, and even written three quarters of a novel! Hopefully in the next few days I’ll have a more in-depth update, and I certainly have thoughts on the current state of fandom.

If you’re still following, thanks for sticking around and having patience with me!

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